What is a Cannabinoid?

  A cannabinoid is a  close group of over one hundred molecular’s that  make up the cannabis plant, they are active components, most are known as minor cannabinoid.  These molecular’s fall into  matching receptors knows as CB1 & CB2 which are located throughout our bodies controlling some of our most vital functions. The  wide range of medical benefits, include but are not limited to anxiety relief, anti convulsant, psychotic, inflammatory, bone stimulant, hypertension, and an analgesic which is a pain killer.    The best part, besides being natural is that all of these, minus THC do not have a psycho- active property, but that does not mean THC does not play an imperative role in healing the brain but I will get to that in a future letter.   So how can these cannabinoid’s improve your health, and how do you know what is right for your needs? 
Let’s start with the mother of all cannabinoid’s CBG or cannabigerol. This cannaboid is the reason we have THC, CBD, and CBC.  This is because during the plants lifetime the natural enzymes transforms CBG into THC, CBD, CBC through a process called  decarboxylated.  CBG has many medical benefits such as  the ability to slow down the replications of cancer cells, reduce the ocular pressure caused by glaucoma, reduce inflammation, blood pressure, depression, anxiety and even act as a sedative.  So what can these symptoms and conditions have in common, Nausea.