Bree Rose


 My name is Bree, I am young thirty year old woman who battles both my mind and body on a daily. My Journey started a few years ago, when I was wrongfully diagnosed as Bipolar1.  No one would admit  that it was a wrong diagnosis, but if my body was not responding to the chemical imbalance medication should correct, which bipolar disorder presents, then what was really going on? 

I asked to be re-tested, and there lied an answer.   
I was diagnosed with a psychological conditional called Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or C- PTSD. 
I was relieved, but interested to understand how such trauma could make a body so sick, and completely rewire a persons brain.
Everything is from my own personal experiences, I started asking more questions, because something felt off within my body and I
 discovered we have an entire Cannabinoid System which was the master key to all of our other systems, any imbalance of this system causes syndromes and illness as I was seeing with myself. This blew my mind. I had to know more, and share what I was learning. So, I became a legal marijuana patient, and started educating myself, being my own best test subject. As time passed I knew there had to be other's who felt as lost, frustrated and alone as I did.  We are our own best advocate, and it is okay, to ask for guidance and help, but that is not something I personally understood at that time, as I do now. 

 I needed an outlet, a healthy coping mechanism to let out my feeling  to process everything I had been hiding, and to most importantly learn and grow. 
I turned to journal writing, than a few months later I made the decision to publish, I started Bipolarbree1. 
I was desperate to find an answer to why I was, the way I was. I dug right into trauma, the mind and body connection, and my mind was blown.

There  it was,  I found myself again, and most of the answers I was searching for. 
I started to become an advocate for mental health, providing a safe space for other's to tell their story, without judgement, to share and gain knowledge from other's personal experiences. 
All information shared is from my own personal experiences and research. I am not a professional, nor do I treat or diagnosis. 
I am a mental health and chronic pain warrior helping other's, building community.
Bipolarbree1 can be found across all social media platforms.