Defining Trauma and How it affect's our mind

Trauma is anything that overwhelms our body and mind.  There  is never a situations too small or to large to be considered traumatic. It all starts with the person's brain, and their ability to cope, and process situations, either mentally and or physically.  Not everyone who experiences trauma develops Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD. Which can seem very unfair, but do not be upset, let start to understand why and or what happens to our mind when we experienced our trauma.
A mind that has just been traumatized, is experiencing what some psychology call the " Hi-jacking" of our amygdala. Taking our ability to think clearly away, and replacing it with fog, flashbacks and many more symptoms. It is also said that, the more activity with the amygdala, the more sign and symptoms of PTSD will be present.
The next area of the brain that is affected is the Prefrontal Cortex. This area of the brain is responsible for balancing out emotional responses. A brain with an altered prefrontal cortex has heightened emotions, emotional and physical responses that are out of portion for the situation.
 The last area of the mind is the Hippocampus, This area works to make sense of the trauma, and regulates memories both past and present.


To read more about my trauma, and what changed me, and how my journey of self-discovery, healing and true re-wiring of my brain began.